The Hackleman Grove Abner Hackleman, one of Albany’s founding fathers, settled on the edge of a large mature oak grove in 1845. Many of these trees were already over 100 years old at the time of settlement. The grove continued to be a community landmark for many years.

Growth and development in Albany over the years has impacted this grove and other oak habitats. A recent major construction project required the removal of eight of these mature oaks. Recognition of the historic significance of these trees has led to a plan for oak preservation and restoration developed by the Albany Parks and Recreation Department.


The eight trees removed from the Hackleman Grove were donated to the Albany Parks and Recreation Department’s Sawing For Schools program.

The trunks were sawn into furniture grade lumber by students from Albany and Corvallis high schools. The wood from these historic trees will be used to create high quality furniture and other unique wood projects by regionally and nationally known woodworkers, turners and artists.

All proceeds from the sale of these unique objects will go towards conserving and restoring Oregon White Oak habitat in Albany.

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